May 26 2007

Urban Eats

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This afternoon, Kate and I were out running errands. We got hungry so we stopped at a sandwich place we haven’t heard about, but looked good. it was called Urban Eats. I was happily surprised when I say their beer selection. They hadPabst Blue Ribbon on tap , thats the first time I’d seen that in a while. I was contemplating getting Pabst, but I saw something called Urban Eats Honey Blond. I asked them what the Urban Eats Honey Blond was, they told me it was maid by Firestone. I thought wow, last weekend I had aStrawberry Beer made by Firestone. This week I guess I will have a honey beer made by them. It was really good. I was expecting it to be too sweet , however it had a really nice balance. I guess I wasn’t expecting too much, maybe because they are wine makers. I think this is the fourthFirestone beer I have tried and I liked all of them so guess, I should stop thinking that way.

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