Nov 17 2007

Beer Tasting

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I just got back from Beer tasting at Vendome Liquor in Toluca Lake CA. I went in there looking for a particular beer to find out that they had beer tasting. I thought that was cool for c corner liqueur store had beer tasting so I had to stay. Eight of the beers I tasted where from Belgium. The first one was “Dupont Avev Les Bons Voeux” 9.5% a sessional beer kind of tasted like Champagne more than beer, it was nice though. Second was “Brugse Zot” a Pale Ale 6% I liked it more than the first but over all I felt the about the same about both of them. The third was “Petrus Winter Ale” a dark ale 6.5% this one was enjoyable but still not spacial for me. I think if I was eating something it would have ben better. At the fourth one I stated to enjoy them more “N’ice Choouffe” A strong dark ale 10% I like this one more than the first three I don’t know if it was the 10% ABV or the affect the the first theree were having on me. The fith “Affigem Noel” another strong dark ale 9% I liked this one but not as much as the one before.The sixth was probably my favorite  of them all “St. Bernardus Christmas Ale” yet another strong dark ale 10% It was very enjoable. the seventh “Scaldis Noel” strong dark ale 13% I should have been keeping better notes but I think I relay enjoyed it. the eighth “Gouden Carolus Noel” strong dark ale 10.5%.It was good too but I still liked the St.Bernardus Christmas Ale the best. over all they where all a bit fruity and sweeter than beers I normally enjoy. I like more of the bitter beers. This time I kind of liked the sweet ones. They know how to make beer in Belgium.

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