Mar 01 2007

The Beer Snob

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BeerOne of my favorite hobbies is Home-brew. Home-brew is exactly what is sounds like brewing beer at home. You may be thinking why make beer at home when you can buy perfectly good beer at the store? my answer to that is this why go to the bakery to by a cake when you can make a better cake at home? that can go round and round forever. to tell you the truth I like the taste of beer. a lot more than most guys I know. Most guys I know discovered beer before they could legally drink. So I don’t think a lot of them rely develop a taste for it. I think they just released how it made them feel if you drink a lot of it, and they knew that they were not suppose have it so they spent a lot of time figuring out how they could git rid of it as fast as posable, to get the feeling that they wanted. It seems to me that a lot of them forgot that they could enjoy the beer as they got older. This is just a theory of course, it could also be because most tasteless beer company get bikini models to peddle there beer, in my opinion if you need sex to sell a product its not very good. I rely like beer for the taste not for there spokes models, or for the lime you may have to add to make it have a tolerable taste. So I figured if the micro breweries could make a good tasting beer like they could do in Europe why cant I do it at home, so I did.

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