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Nov 10 2008

My Home Brew

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Talking about Home brew I maid about 2 Months ago Pail Ale Recipe I used a Coleman thermos as a carboy to keep it at a good tempter in the summer time. Thought I used dried malt extract to prime it but it did turn out I did uses corn sugar [ad] See Brewing at […]

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Jul 24 2007

Brewing at Home

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[ad] Every summer, I say I am not going to brew, it is just to difficult to keep the beer at a nice cool tempter during fermentation. I always end up brewing anyway, thinking this year will be different. guess we will see I started a brew. I got out all my equipment ans washed […]

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Jul 13 2007

Where did beer come from?

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Over the years I often wondered where beer came from. Who was the firs one to make it and tast and so on. Being of Irish decent I can refer back to an Irish drinking song called beer beer beer, where it gives the credit of the inventor of beer to some one named Charlie […]

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May 04 2007

How to Make beer: part 2

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 What you will need 1. A good recipe. 2. ingredients  we go over that in part one. 3. cooking equipment, a spoon preferably metal or plastic not wood, a thermometer, a strainer or grain bag or cheese cloth,and a few pots the bigger the better.   4. sanitizer preferably something maid for brewing like something from Five Star ,in […]

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May 03 2007

How to Make beer: part 1

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Beer is made from 4 major ingredients. 1 Water 2 Malt 3 Hops 4 Yeast and 3 miner ingredients 1 Gypsum 2 Irish Moss 3 corn sugar lets go over them one at a time Ingredient 1 Water. Water is a very important part of the beer. The reason is, it is the main ingredient. […]

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