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Nov 21 2007

Stone Brewery, Double Bastard

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Stone Brewery Double Bastard, I have to be honest I heard a lot of hype about this one. I was tying not to listen to it. I didn’t want to be disappointed if it didn’t live up to my expectations. I poured the deep amber liquid into the glass. By its peasant hopy aroma we were off to a good start.  I was anxious to taste it but paused […]

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Nov 18 2007

The Yard

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I was in the mall today and my wife wanted to go in to Bed Bath And Beyond. I’m not a fan of the store, but they do have some nice bar ware. As my wife was looking around I went over to look at the bar ware and I thought I saw a Yard. […]

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Nov 17 2007

Beer Tasting

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I just got back from Beer tasting at Vendome Liquor in Toluca Lake CA. I went in there looking for a particular beer to find out that they had beer tasting. I thought that was cool for c corner liqueur store had beer tasting so I had to stay. Eight of the beers I tasted […]

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