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Jun 30 2007

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

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Anderson Valley Brewing Company Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema.This Brewery, is in Northern California and according to there cap it is solar powered. The first thing I noticed about this beer was the nice copper color and the rich foamy head. It looked promising. It had a smooth sweet taste, very nice for a cool summer evening. I think this beer is one any beer drinker would […]

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Jun 30 2007

Sierra Nevada IPA

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Sierra Nevada IPA    This one is a bit nostalgic for me. The Sierra Nevada Pail Ale is one of my old favorites. I was excited to try IPA because I like IPA’s and Sierra Nevada has never let me down. It had a nice color and a nice foamy head. The look and aroma was just mouthwatering. I could tell I was going to really enjoy […]

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Jun 30 2007

Shipyard Summer Ale.

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Like most weekends I was out in the back yard doing yard work today. Afterward naturally  I wanted to quench my thirst, with a nice summer ale perhaps. I have had people tell me about Shipyard before so I decided that would be a good choice. It was refreshing for a hot summer afternoon.  It tasted better than the every day commercial beer, but I still felt it […]

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Jun 29 2007

Full Sail IPA

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Full Sail IPA I like IPA’s a lot. IPA stands for India Pale Ale. With that name one would think the recipe came from India, well it did sort of. It actually originated in England in the 1700’s. The British brewers were shipping their ales to the British colonists in India, and had heard reports […]

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Jun 28 2007

Pizza & Beer

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Pizza & Beer For dinner tonight Kate and I went down to our local pizza place Dinos. Insted of taking it home like we normally do we decided to eat it there, and share a pitcher of beer. Deciding what beer to get is always a difficult decision. I narrowed it down to Sierra Nevada, […]

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Jun 27 2007


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[ad]Mad River Brewing Co. Steelhead Extra Pail AleThis is the first time I’ve tried  anything by Mad River. The extra in front of the pale ale caught my attention.  Because I like pale ales, oh who am I kidding I like most ales. I Poured it into a glass, and the look and smell just maid my mouth water. I […]


Jun 26 2007


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Buffalo Bills, Orang Blossom Cream Ale I don’t normally like fruit beers but, Halloween would not be complete without Buffalo Bills Pumpkin ale. So for the summer I decided to try the Orange Blossom cream ale. I think this was one of the most unusual beers I have tried yet. I did smell like orang blossoms and taste like oranges, refreshing a real nice beer for a […]

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Jun 25 2007

Red Nectar

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Nectar Ales Red Nectar.This the second Nectar brew I’v tried. The first was there IPA. A few month ago I had a craving for an IPA. I went to Whole Foods and grabbed the first IPA I saw. When I got home I saw the humming bird on the label and thought how sissy, I wonder if this is going to be […]

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Jun 24 2007

Barney’s Beanery

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We were In downtown Pasadena today as we were looking for a place to have lunch when we past a place with a row of taps I knew it must have a good beer selection. I said to Kate “what about here?” Kate said “okay.”  It was Barney’s Beanery,  There beer list I am not kidding […]

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Jun 23 2007

Oregon Honey Beer

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We were in Cost Plus World Market this evening, I like the beer selection there. One of the things I like the best is they have beer sets of 10 different beer’s, at a rinsable price.  One of the beers in the summer brews set is  Oregon Honey BeerThis is a good summer beer, a nice smooth refreshing […]

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