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Mar 24 2008

The Lodi Beer Company

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In the center of California there is a town surround by vineyards. Kate and I were in this town a few weeks ago, this town is Lodi California there is a wonderful little Brew pub called the Lodi Beer Company. It had a very good selection of beer,I could taste the love brewed into every drop. […]

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Mar 22 2008

Angel City IPA

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In Torrance California there is a strip mail that looks like a Alpine village. In that Alpine village there is a small brewery called Angel City Brewing company. I liked all the beers I have had by them so far but, it has been a wile since I have had any of their brews so, […]

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Mar 20 2008


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MONTY PYTHON’S HOLY GRAIL     When I first saw this one I knew it was a joke, But I thought the same thing about He’Brew beer which turned out to be an excellent beer. I decided to give this one a try. I thought tonight would be a good night to try this beer being Holy Thursday, After […]


Mar 15 2008

St. Patrick’s Day Part 2

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One of my Favorite St. Patrick’s Day drinks is a half and half. I make a half & half with Guinness and Harp. This is how I do it, I take a glass and pour half a Harp into it  Then I take my special spoon, and a Guinness   pour the Guinness ever so slowly. give it time to settle […]

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Mar 14 2008

St. Patrick’s Day part 1

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St. Patrick’s Day is on its way, time to go to an Irish pub drink some Irish beer. Kate and I stopped by Timmy Nolan’s for a Smithwicks, and we had the good fortune to get there just in time to see some Pipers Good company, good beer, good music, this is going to be […]

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Mar 12 2008

Rolling Rock on The Moon?

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I haven’t had a Rolling Rock for years, its a littel to light tasting for me, but when I heard what they are going to attempt next full moon I have to admit it’s kind of cool. I know some people may think it is galactic graffiti will it work I guess we will find […]

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Mar 04 2008

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

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I found myself in Chico, California this weekend. When you are in Chico and you love beer you have to stop by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. I got the sampler tray.  I was rely impressed with variety. Several of the beers you can only get there at the brewery. We decided to go with a pitcher of […]

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