Mar 12 2008

Rolling Rock on The Moon?

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I haven’t had a Rolling Rock for years, its a littel to light tasting for me, but when I heard what they are going to attempt next full moon I have to admit it’s kind of cool. I know some people may think it is galactic graffiti will it work I guess we will find out on the 21st. in cases you have not heard Rolling Rock is planing to place it’s logo on the moon with lasers. It reminds me of the old cartoon The Tick when Chairface Chippendale tryed to carve his name into the surface of the moon. In the 90’s though I have not been able to verify it, I remember hearing something like Coke-Cola was trying to put a space billboard up in low orbit, but it was stopped by Greenpeace or Congress or something. Will Rolling Rock be able to do this or will Greenpeace, Congress or The Tick stop them? I guess we will see on the 21st.           

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