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Jul 30 2007

Firestone Double Barrel Ale

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Firestone Double Barrel Ale I have reviewed a few of Firestone‘s beers before, so its about time I tell you about there award winning  Double Barrel Ale. Named after there unique brewing method of fermenting it in a 60 gallon wine barrel giving this beer a taste unlike any other beer I had. It’s amber color and foamy head makes it look […]

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Jul 29 2007

Gouden Haven

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Gouden Haven This one was on sale at the store it was a good deal and it looked nice too. The bottle stood out it was a little different than the rest.  This beer had a real nice taste to it I liked it. It was smooth and refreshing at a good price. 

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Jul 28 2007


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Steinlager At first glance I wasn’t expecting much from this one. It looked a little bit lighter than the beers I usually enjoy. I was expecting it to be watery, I was wrong, it had a quite good taste, refreshing and a nice flavor too. I enjoyed it, I could see me getting this one again some time soon.

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Jul 24 2007

Brewing at Home

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[ad] Every summer, I say I am not going to brew, it is just to difficult to keep the beer at a nice cool tempter during fermentation. I always end up brewing anyway, thinking this year will be different. guess we will see I started a brew. I got out all my equipment ans washed […]

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Jul 22 2007

Bison Brewing IPA

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Bison Brewing This IPA is certified organic that doesn’t matter much to me. I just care how it taste. It tasted like an IPA, just an okay IPA, I didn’t taste special  being organic. It was good but, wasn’t  all that impressed.  [ad#demo-advert]

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Jul 21 2007

Bass Pale Ale

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Bass Pale Ale This one is truly a classic. I have liked Bass for a long time. It is every thing beer should be. This beer is not too week not too heavy it is just right. If you haven’t had  one yet you are missing out on one great beer.

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Jul 19 2007

Gordon Biersch Märzen

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I feel strange buying Gordon Biersch beer at the store since one of there breweries is right here in town. It is always better getting fresh beer at the brewery, but it was on sale. Gordon Biersch Märzen like most of there beers it is a lager. Its auburn color and foamy top looks mighty inciting. It has a nice smooth taste to cool you off […]

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Jul 15 2007

Bohemia Beer

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Bohemia Tonight we went out for Mexican food. It is no secret to my friends that I am not a fan of Mexican beer, at this restaurant that seemed to be all they had. I ordered one I heard about but never tried, Bohemia. The Bottle looked nice that was promising. I tasted it and […]

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Jul 14 2007

Firestone Pale Ale

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Firestone Pale Ale This beer has a nice gold color a good foam head. The taste, well this is a truly delightful beer. I am so pleased not only with this beer but all the California beers I have had in my quest. Any one tiered of the middle of the road mas produced commercial […]

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Jul 13 2007

Where did beer come from?

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Over the years I often wondered where beer came from. Who was the firs one to make it and tast and so on. Being of Irish decent I can refer back to an Irish drinking song called beer beer beer, where it gives the credit of the inventor of beer to some one named Charlie […]

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