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Jan 27 2008

Beer Bread

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It is one of those rare rainy days in southern California. Normally I would like to brew a batch of beer on a day but all of my carboys are full, so I decided on trying something else. When I was younger I thought it was fun to take a cheep can of beer and […]

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Jan 26 2008


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Arsenalnoe Brewery Арсенальное I found this one in a strange little store.  Арсенальное I wasn’t expeting much because it was a lager I don’t rely like lagers. This one is probaly one of the best I ever had. Â

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Jan 25 2008

Belhaven St Andrews Ale

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I Like Belhaven’s Scottish Ale. So I was anxious to try this one. I guess St Andrews is one of the first Golf crocus in the world. Im more of a beer fan than a golf fan. It is a good beer and a boring sport. I liked it thats all.

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Jan 24 2008

Lucky Beer

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Lucky Beer   If you go to there website and say you are not of drinking age it will bring you to Disney’s website. I like that. I saw this bottle and had to try this one. I have to admit I am a sucker for a nice bottle. So when I saw this buddha bottle I had to try […]

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Jan 21 2008

Port Brewing – Old Viscosity

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The Pizza Port, is a Pizza pub in San Marcos, with some dam good beer.  “Not your Dad’s 30 Weight!” is what is says on the label of Old Viscosity, ale aged in bourbon barrels.

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Jan 20 2008


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Xingu From Brazil, the first thing I have to say about this beer is it is one of the  most beautiful beers I have seen Its nice dark color and rich head. It taste just as good as it looks delicious.

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Jan 19 2008

The Blue Room – Burbank

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The Blue Room, is a nice neighborhood bar in Burbank, I spent a lot of time there in my 20’s. It is a confutable place and I like how reasonable the drinks are. There isn’t a big beer section but a decent one. I had a Chimay Ale. A nice amber color A good taste to it. So if you ever find yourself in Burbank […]

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Jan 13 2008

Gordon Biersch : Burbank

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The closest Brewery Restaurant to me is Gordon Biersch.  Gordon Biersch is a chain restaurant, the one in Burbank has a nice patio to enjoy a beer in this fabulous Southern California weather.  The food here is very good as-well, but lets talk about the beer. One of my favorites is the Dunkel.  A dark malty beer. I also like the  Märzen  a good […]

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