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Aug 05 2007

Hops Denver

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Sunday afternoon in Denver. Not much to do on a Sunday in Denver, so I logged in to beer mapping again, and found another brew pub close to my hotel called Hops. Hops is a chain Brew Pub. Most of the chain brew pubs I have been to are a lot alike. The beer is good, much better than most domestics, […]

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Aug 04 2007

Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery

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Well it is Saturday and I am still in Denver CO. I am getting a little stir crazy in my room. I don’t know Denver very well but, I’ve heard that they have more micro breweries and brew pubs than any other city. I know a lot of them are down town. Unfortunately my funds are low for cab fair, and I […]

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Aug 02 2007

90 Shilling

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I am in Denver Colorado. I like Denver, it’s home to a lot of good beers, brewpubs and micro breweries, not to mention the people here are so nice and down to earth. My first night here I was talking to one of the locals, and told him I was on a quest to find the prefect beer. I explained that I was […]

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