Aug 04 2007

Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery

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Well it is Saturday and I am still in Denver CO. I am getting a little stir crazy in my room. I don’t know Denver very well but, I’ve heard that they have more micro breweries and brew pubs than any other city. I know a lot of them are down town. Unfortunately my funds are low for cab fair, and I don’t want to drive down town to go beer tasting, as nobody should. How did I find a brewery near by when without knowing the area very well? It’s not as easy as finding movie times, but I found a website a called Beer Mapping. This site has come in handy on my quest before and it came in handy today. It allowed me to find a brewpub that I have read about before, The Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery. 3.jpg 4.jpgThis british stye pub is home to quite a few world class beers.While I was there I got to sample a lot of their beers. I thought all of them were good.10.jpg 8.jpg9.jpg 6.jpgTwo of there IPAs stood out, one called Justice, the other Man beer, I saw a lot of people ordering half Justice half Man Beer, both of them are real floral beers. I decided to try one, it was a real nice combination. The two beers went together well. Over all I am so glad I found this place and had a chance to enjoy some of the best beer in Denver. If you are ever in Denver and you love beer you have to stop by The Bull and Bush. 4700 Cherry Creek Dr. SouthDenver, CO 80246 phone: (303) 759-0333 and ask to see there vintage beer list.7.jpg

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