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Dec 05 2008

Happy Repeal Day

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Today In the US anyway, It should be an holiday for all beer drinkers. Today was the day in 1933 FDR ended Prohibition. In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt, fulfilled a campaign promise and restored our right to enjoy beer or any other alcoholic beverage of our choice. Tonight raise a glass and toast to our freedom […]

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Jul 01 2007

My Brothers Wedding

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A few weeks ago I was in my brothers wedding as a groomsman. What dose this have to do with beer you my ask. Well my brothers taste in beer is a lot like mine, so at the reception he had Newcastle Brown Ale .    I was a beautiful wedding and seeing friends and family is always great. Good times and good beer. I […]

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May 26 2007

Urban Eats

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This afternoon, Kate and I were out running errands. We got hungry so we stopped at a sandwich place we haven’t heard about, but looked good. it was called Urban Eats. I was happily surprised when I say their beer selection. They hadPabst Blue Ribbon on tap , thats the first time I’d seen that in a while. […]

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May 20 2007

Strawberry Beer

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This weekend I went to The Strawberry Festive in Oxnard   CA. They had strawberry everything there. Strawberry pie, nachos, shortcake, pizza, margaritas, wine and you guest it Beer, I had to try it. This was not the first time I had strawberry beer. The first was at a brewery in Long-Beach CA Called Belmont Brewery the beer there […]

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Mar 01 2007

The Beer Snob

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BeerOne of my favorite hobbies is Home-brew. Home-brew is exactly what is sounds like brewing beer at home. You may be thinking why make beer at home when you can buy perfectly good beer at the store? my answer to that is this why go to the bakery to by a cake when you can […]

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