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Dec 25 2007

Holiday Ales

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This time of year friend of mine ask my opinion of holiday ales, they want to know what is the best one. It’s nice that they think that highly of my opinion of beer. This is difficult because I don’t think of one beer better than the other just various levels of goodness. I have […]

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Dec 08 2007

Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial Ale.

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I was craving a hoppy beer, so I went down to the new BevMo to see what they had. I told them I wanted something very hoppy. They pointed out a few, but I like the name  Hopsickle, so I picked that one. It had a nice amber color, frothy head, aroma of Cascade hops. I love the smell and taste of […]

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Dec 07 2007


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I know this might not seem to be a big deal to some of you but to me it’s huge. A new BevMo! opened today. The reason it is such a big deal is, its close by. I no longer have to go all over chasing down beer I am hoping this new store will […]

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Dec 05 2007


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Today In the US anyway, It should be an holiday for all beer drinkers. Today was the day in 1933 FDR ended Prohibition. In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt, fulfilled a campaign promise and restored our right to enjoy beer or any other alcoholic beverage of our choice. Tonight raise a glass and toast to our freedom […]

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