Aug 02 2007

90 Shilling

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I am in Denver Colorado. I like Denver, it’s home to a lot of good beers, brewpubs and micro breweries, not to mention the people here are so nice and down to earth. My first night here I was talking to one of the locals, and told him I was on a quest to find the prefect beer. I explained that I was looking for a regional beer,  something I couldn’t get back home or that would be difficult to find. He thought my quest was noble, and recommended one of his favorites, 90 Shilling.  90shilling.jpg  It is a nice dark amber Scottish Ale. This was different than any other Scottish Ale I have tried, in that it was hoppier and not as sweet. All I can think of to say it was really good, and all I can think is if the rest of the beers in Denver are like this one, I am going to enjoy my stay. 

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