Jan 27 2008

Beer Bread

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It is one of those rare rainy days in southern California. Normally I would like to brew a batch of beer on a day but all of my carboys are full, so I decided on trying something else. When I was younger I thought it was fun to take a cheep can of beer and a couple of cups of flower a little salt and some other ingredients and make a loaf of bread.I was in the store and found Firenza Beer Bread Mix. Firenza Beer Bread Mix & New Casle This time instead of going cheep I decided to go with something better. I have always like Newcastle Brown Ale and I happened to have a can of it in my frig, so thats what I used. The recipe calls for a table soon of finly ground coffee, Coffee A table spoon of sugar, Sugar!!! A tea spoon of Cinnamon cinnamon , the Firenza Beer Bread Mix,Firenza Beer Bread Mix which as far as I can tell is just flower and maybe a little salt, and the final most important ingredient the one containing the water and yeast, the BEER! The Beer! Mix it all up, Mix put it in a bread pan, bread pan throw it in the oven for a little under an a hour bread in the Ovenbeer breadOut of the oven Then you have yourself a nice tasty treat. Next rainy day I think I will make beer pizza dough.

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