Nov 18 2007

The Yard

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I was in the mall today and my wife wanted to go in to Bed Bath And Beyond. I’m not a fan of the store, but they do have some nice bar ware. As my wife was looking around I went over to look at the bar ware and I thought I saw a Yard. For thous of you not familiar with a yard it is a quart beer glass that is a yard high thats right three feet. It turns out this was half a yard but still something like this at Bed Bath And Beyond. I was surprised. 1118071357.jpgThe only other place I have seen a yard was in British pubs. One in particular is The Tam O’Shanter 0923071711.jpg

all though I am not sure that is a true yard they are fun kind of like an medieval beer bong.0923071714.jpg

I have heard, in the old days when they served thees they were also called quarts. That is were the expression “mind your p & q’s” comes from. When the the pub got rowdy the bar tented would say “mind your p & q’s” which stood for mind your pints & quart’s.

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