May 21 2007

Stone Brewery, Ruination IPA

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stoneipa.jpgThe beers from Stone Brewery have become some of my favorites. I will be reviewing 3 of them, over the next few days. The firs will be Ruination IPA, 7.7 Alc, Vol. 100+ IBU’s. I do no always drink India Pale Ale’s, but I get an overwhelming craving for them, once in awhile. The craving normally comes after a long day at work. This is a perfect IPA to quench that craving. Out of all the beers I have ever tried this one has to be one of the hoppyest. The moment after I opened it I could smell the hops. It was a nice clear amber with a good foamy head, good small bubbles. A nice biter fizzy drink, it really hit the spot.  The bottle says “A liquid pome to the glory of the hop!” that says it all.

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