Sep 30 2007

Toast to Michael Jackson

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Tonight was the memorial toast to Michael Jackson, “The Beer Hunter”. It was nation wide, beginning at 9:00 pm EST.Thanks to  Jay Sheveck  from the publication  The Beer Guppy, I found out a toasting was being held at Lucky Baldwins, in Old Town Pasadena, CA. If you’ve never been to Lucky Baldwins, its a friendly place, with an outdoor patio and a large selection of beer. The toast to Michael Jackson was sincere and heartfelt, given by a gentleman whom I believe to be the owner of the pub, and who had actually met Mr. Jackson when he visited the pub a few years ago. He thanked him and acknowledged him for bringing beer “back”. They had t-shirts made up just for the occasion, and it was obvious that they had a true admiration and appreciation of Mr. Jackson.0930071752.jpg Cheers 0930071749.jpg0930071658.jpg 

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