Oct 22 2008

Carlsberg Elephant

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Carlsberg Elephant


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  1. Damason 24 Oct 2008 at 1:30 am

    In my youthful days we used to pull apart the old white bic pens and use them as straws and race to the bottom of a solo cup of malt liquor. But, alas that was ages ago. My tastes have changed drastically in beer and but I am still looking forward to trying this supposedly higher class version of Malt Liquor.
    It pours up thick and a hazy gold. It has a head that is thin but has staying power. I can smell it from two foot away. It smell like alcohol and malts, I am not picking up any of the hops described in the commercial description. I can pick up some grains and corn but its almost stale smelling, don’t get me wrong the smell is not going to stop me from drinking it, its just a mismatch of corn and malty alcohol.
    The taste malt liquor with a little hoppy bite at the end just as the description says. Hey do you think we can get a forty. This beer is labeled a strong Pilsner. i normally do not like a Pils and did not have a clue that one could be labeled a Malt Liquor. What the hell, I guess I have found a Pils that I like. Its not typical of the style, most Pils are light and fizzy to me with an odd chemical taste that I can never quite describe. The Elephant is not heavy at all. The finish is a heck of a lot better than the malt liquors I have had in the past. I remember the last swallow of a Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull forty feeling like trying to swallow a golf ball on the last pull. I like it