Jun 24 2011

What is the strongest beer?

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In this segment Norm answers beer questions from around the world. Today’s question comes from Russia, where hardy Muscovites scoff at American beer as weak and flavorless. Norm talks about several power brews strong enough for a Russkie. Norm starts with the American premium brew, Utopias by Samuel Adams, followed by ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin’ by the Scottish brewer Brew Dog. The discussion then turns to the spirited battle for ABV supremacy between Brew Dog and German brewer Schorschbräu. Schorschbräu briefly held the ABV crown with Schorchbock at 40% ABV, but Brew Dog currently has the upper hand with ‘Sink The Bismarck’ at 41% ABV.
These high gravity beers are difficult to find and expensive to buy. If you’d like to try a really strong beer, try ‘Tokyo*’ by Brew Dog. At 18.2% ABV it’s strong. At about $20 a bottle it’s a lot less than it’s stronger cousins.

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