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Mar 24 2008

The Lodi Beer Company

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In the center of California there is a town surround by vineyards. Kate and I were in this town a few weeks ago, this town is Lodi California there is a wonderful little Brew pub called the Lodi Beer Company. It had a very good selection of beer,I could taste the love brewed into every drop. […]

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Mar 14 2008

St. Patrick’s Day part 1

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St. Patrick’s Day is on its way, time to go to an Irish pub drink some Irish beer. Kate and I stopped by Timmy Nolan’s for a Smithwicks, and we had the good fortune to get there just in time to see some Pipers Good company, good beer, good music, this is going to be […]

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Mar 04 2008

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

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I found myself in Chico, California this weekend. When you are in Chico and you love beer you have to stop by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. I got the sampler tray.  I was rely impressed with variety. Several of the beers you can only get there at the brewery. We decided to go with a pitcher of […]

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Feb 24 2008

Lucky Baldwins 9th Annual Belgian Festival

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Lucky Baldwins is a place that has a wonderful beer selection, one of the best I have seen in Southern California, it is a comfortable place too. I like dark Belgium ales so Lucky Baldwins 9th Annual Belgian Festival was a great place to try some. First I had St Bernardus Prior 8, A nice dark ale, a very tasty […]

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Feb 09 2008

Damon’s Glendale

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There is a Tiki Steak House in Glendale CA it seems like it has been there for ever. Damon’s, Our server told us his grandfather use to do go there when he was his age. It’s Tiki atmosphere makes it a comfortable place. Most of all what I like about the place is the beer […]

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Jan 19 2008

The Blue Room – Burbank

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The Blue Room, is a nice neighborhood bar in Burbank, I spent a lot of time there in my 20’s. It is a confutable place and I like how reasonable the drinks are. There isn’t a big beer section but a decent one. I had a Chimay Ale. A nice amber color A good taste to it. So if you ever find yourself in Burbank […]

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Jan 13 2008

Gordon Biersch : Burbank

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The closest Brewery Restaurant to me is Gordon Biersch.  Gordon Biersch is a chain restaurant, the one in Burbank has a nice patio to enjoy a beer in this fabulous Southern California weather.  The food here is very good as-well, but lets talk about the beer. One of my favorites is the Dunkel.  A dark malty beer. I also like the  Märzen  a good […]

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Sep 30 2007

Toast to Michael Jackson

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Tonight was the memorial toast to Michael Jackson, “The Beer Hunter”. It was nation wide, beginning at 9:00 pm EST.Thanks to  Jay Sheveck  from the publication  The Beer Guppy, I found out a toasting was being held at Lucky Baldwins, in Old Town Pasadena, CA. If you’ve never been to Lucky Baldwins, its a friendly place, with an outdoor patio […]

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Aug 05 2007

Hops Denver

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Sunday afternoon in Denver. Not much to do on a Sunday in Denver, so I logged in to beer mapping again, and found another brew pub close to my hotel called Hops. Hops is a chain Brew Pub. Most of the chain brew pubs I have been to are a lot alike. The beer is good, much better than most domestics, […]

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Aug 04 2007

Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery

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Well it is Saturday and I am still in Denver CO. I am getting a little stir crazy in my room. I don’t know Denver very well but, I’ve heard that they have more micro breweries and brew pubs than any other city. I know a lot of them are down town. Unfortunately my funds are low for cab fair, and I […]

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